We believe in using tactics in the true sense of the word. Being tactical to us is not having as much stuff bolted on to your AR as possible, it means to achieve a specific result by using well thought out plans and procedures. For us, subtlety is the name of the game. Most gun shirts are boisterous and portray something that we might not always want to portray. This happened to one of our owners one day when he was getting dressed. He was carrying concealed and grabbed a clean shirt out of his closet. It was a shirt that had an AK-47 on it. He thought that since he is concealing his weapon, why would he want to bring attention to himself? Also, what if he had to use his gun? He would have to find himself explaining to the police why he needed to shoot someone, while wearing a shirt with a rife on it. That just didn't seem like the situation he wanted to be in. He started talking to other people who wore pro-gun shirts, they all said that the only place they felt comfortable wearing them was at the range. This was unacceptable, so we got together and the "Tactical Tee" was born. With these shirts, you are able to show your support of the gun culture anywhere! The only people who will know what your shirt means will be likeminded. Once we launched our "Tactical Polo", we started hearing about people successfully wearing them in places that normally would not welcome pro-gun shirts. Thanks for checking out our shirts! post a picture of you wearing one on our Facebook page!